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With Every Blink- Fans of Finck

Because how can you NOT love him?

12/9/09 05:21 pm - meowhouse - Robin's ebay auction

Hey everyone - if you haven't seen it yet, there's a Tumblr page with a bunch of pictures and video showing some of the items Robin is selling in his ebay auction. It's mostly live shots and video that you probably have seen before but there are a few of mine in there that so far are not online anywhere else. I'll be posting them in the larger versions probably later on today on my site and Flickr. (It's not my page; they are just using some of my pictures along with those of other people.)

The Tumblr page is at http://rfmedref.tumblr.com

The second page (click "Older"), which is kind of easy to miss, has some pictures of the film prints he's selling. It's at http://rfmedref.tumblr.com/page/2 . These are artwork from the t-shirts he was selling on his site a few years ago. The film prints were used in the silk-screening process.

Ebay auction page is here.

Also, check this out: http://robinfinck.com/ YAY!!!

8/10/09 03:08 pm - meowhouse - Pictures

The fine folk over at Finckaholic told me about this place.

So judging from the f-list, most of you already have seen these but Julie thought you might want some pictures, so here are a few. More are scattered about my Web site and Flickr. Click for the large versions.

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7/29/09 11:15 pm - nuklearnitemayr - Delicious spam.


Big pictures under the cut
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7/24/09 01:49 pm - masquerade_07 - When Stella saw Rawbeen....

Now I can finally say I've seen beauty personified on one man. Pictures don't do him justice though, no matter how gorgeous they are.

Here are some of my pics from Monday July 20th, in Athens.

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7/23/09 10:23 pm - nuklearnitemayr - Icons.

Icons under the cut. Take them if you want them. :3
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7/22/09 04:51 am - nuklearnitemayr - Q & A with Robin

Some of you may have seen this in my personal journal, but it belongs in here as well.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I've revisited some old websites to retrieve archived information. One of those sites was robinfinck.com, which used to have a lot of great art and writing on it (whereas now it's a depressing gray page with NIN tour dates. That's all well and good but it's nowhere near as interesting as it used to be.)

Robin did a few installments of Q&A with fans. Some questions are random or not particularly deep, but others are a bit more profound. Definitely worth the read, if you haven't seen it already.

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7/22/09 03:24 am - nuklearnitemayr - Welcome!


Better layout coming in the near future. For now, just sit tight and stare at this picture until something interesting happens with this page. 
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