meowhouse (meowhouse) wrote in witheveryblink,

Robin's ebay auction

Hey everyone - if you haven't seen it yet, there's a Tumblr page with a bunch of pictures and video showing some of the items Robin is selling in his ebay auction. It's mostly live shots and video that you probably have seen before but there are a few of mine in there that so far are not online anywhere else. I'll be posting them in the larger versions probably later on today on my site and Flickr. (It's not my page; they are just using some of my pictures along with those of other people.)

The Tumblr page is at

The second page (click "Older"), which is kind of easy to miss, has some pictures of the film prints he's selling. It's at . These are artwork from the t-shirts he was selling on his site a few years ago. The film prints were used in the silk-screening process.

Ebay auction page is here.

Also, check this out: YAY!!!
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